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Our wide range of manual and powered wheelchairs caters for the users & prescribers alike.

Providing Quality Wheelchairs. Powerchairs. Rollators. Living.

What we do

RHealthcare’s wide range of manual wheelchairs caters for the users and prescribers alike, offering solutions for fleet users, retailers and high end prescribers. 

RHealthcare is a leading UK provider of Manual Wheelchair products and spares to all major NHS Wheelchair Contracts.

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This video shows you the new Dash E-Fold with its unique electric folding and unfolding with a touch of a button. The product has a user weight of 125kg and a lifting weight of 25.5kg. You can use the Dash E-Fold indoors and outdoors. The Dash E-fold is also airline friendly.

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About Us

RHealthcare was formed in the transition of Remploy Limited from public to private ownership . It has served the NHS for over 50 years with high quality great value for money products . The majority of our customers have built a partnership with us that allows us to help them to innovate to offer their patients a better service and product . Over the past few years we have formed our dedicated retail division through the development of ultralightweight products aimed at the retailer and end user.

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