From lightweight carbon walking sticks to gel cushions and headrests

For any additional accessories our team will happily be of assistance, whether that’s in search for a custom accessory specific to your needs, or assessing whether one of our popular accessories will fit your chair, rollator or suit your needs. 

If you need any information on our many accessories, or what best item to pair them with, get in touch…

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Carbon Sticks


Full Carbon walking sticks, with a standard weight of 0.24kg, easy to use and incredibly durable, with adjustable handles and grips. 

Available in different styles. 

Carbon Stick Left Handed – #MSZBCM600A 

Carbon Stick Right Handed – #MSZBCM200A

Carbon Stick Standard – #MSZBCM100A

Carbon Stick Lady  – #MSZBCM400A


Crash Tested SUPERHEAD

Easily compatible with most manual and powered chairs, with a unique folding mechanism. 

Super Head Sizes

Available in 4 alternative sizes 

Small       (300-360mm) – #MAHRS001

Medium  (360-460mm) – #MAHRM001

Large       (420-540mm) – #MAHRL001

X Large    (480-600mm) – #MAHRXL001


Gel & Air Cushions

From different choices, based upon size, comfort and compatibility, choose the right cushioning for your standard or powered chair to ensure maximum comfort. 

Cushion Options 

Air Cushion Sizes (16x16x2, 18x16x2 ,18x18x2, 20x18x2, 16x16x4, 16x18x4, 18x17x4, 20x18x4)

Visco Gel 2″ Cushion Sizes (16x16x2, 18x16x2, 18x18x2)

Visco Gel 3″ Cushion Sizes (16x16x3, 17x17x3, 18x16x3)