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Robooter X40

Robooter X40 Info

Weight info

Chair weight: 41.8kg*

Max user weight: 120kg

May change depending on chair options*

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Size parameteters of the scooter

The tilt, depth, width, height from the ground and other data of the seat all meet ergonomic standards, ensuring comfortable driving while sitting for a long time without getting tired.


Smart Controller

An enlarged and flexible joystick can be held in full direction, equipped with novice mode and novice mode function, fully considering the control friendliness of the elder.

Easily Deal With Road Obstacles

Equipped with a 10 inch obstacle crossing full front wheel, it has superior obstacle crossing ability, It can easily cross the speed b7ks potholes, and small steps, so that the scooter is not afraid of the complex conditions of the road and becomes generalist in life.


Accurately tuned acceleration curve

Accurately adjusted acceleration curve ensures the flexibile start, smooth operation, precise steering, safe breaking, and comfortable start and stop.

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Other Technical Data


Check for proper tire inflation. Maintain but do not exceed the psi/bar/kPa air pressure rating indicated on each tire if equipped with pneumatic tires

Check all controller connections to the power base. Make sure they are secured properly.

Check the brakes. See “Care and Maintenance.”

For any other issues regarding your chair please get in touch with your rhealthcare provider.