Dashi Lite Powerchair

Lightweight folding powerchair for indoor and outdoor use

Explore the world with the Dashi Lite powerchair


Dashi Lite Powerchair

The Dashi Lite is lightweight and foldable and offers excellent manoeuvrability with extra-wide tyres and anti-skid technology.  With an impressive range of up to 12 miles on a single charge and the reassurance of hill hold assist it is a trusted powerchair for indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features

Front view of the Dashi Lite powerchair from Dash Rehab positioned in front of a stone bench and green bushes in a stone paved courtyard. The powerchair has a grey fabric seat and back. A black footrest is visible in profile. Black padded armrests are either side of the seat. A joystick controller is attached to the front of the right armrest, shown here on the left. The back wheels are larger than the front and have extra wide grey coloured tyres
The Dashi Lite powerchair is folded together into a compact shape for easy storage and transportation. It is raised off the floor and rests on the ends of the two ergonomic handles and large rear wheels.


Easy transportation and storage

The Dashi Lite powerchair delivers on ease and convenience.  It is compact and with its easy fold mechanism it can be manually folded for transportation.  Made from lightweight aluminium it has an overall lifting weight of just 21kg (excluding the battery) meaning it can be lifted in and out of the boot or onto the back seat effortlessly.  It also makes it easy to store when it is not in use.


Designed for comfort and ease of use

For a comfortable ride the seat and backrest are crafted from a breathable fabric and the backrest is designed to support the lower back, helping muscles to stay more relaxed when seated for longer periods.  

Swing the leg rests away for easy access.  These, combined with fixed armrests ensure a safe and stable seating position.

Front view of the Dashi Lite powerchair from Dash Rehab. A black quick-release seat belt is visible on the padded seat.
Rear view of the Dashi Lite powerchair from Dash Rehab. The large rear tyres are shown in grey. Between these the motors are connected to the battery which sits inside a quick release battery case beneath the grey fabric padded seat. The red and white Dash Rehab logo features on the rear of the back rest against a black background. A small storage bag is attached below this.


Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Extra-wide tyres with anti-skid technology grip the pavement or floor while hill hold assist, and an electromagnetic braking system provide reassurance when out and about.  Its compact size and manoeuvrability make it an ideal powerchair for use around the house too.

Reaching a maximum speed of 4mph the manual-fold powered wheelchair can travel up to 12 miles on a charge, with 150W motors and a 12-amp lithium battery which is fitted inside a quick release battery case for easy access.  For extra peace of mind, day or night, the Dashi Lite also features LED headlights.


Easy controls

The joystick controller makes the Dashi Lite easy to control even with the lightest touch, ideal for those with limited dexterity.  Simply push the joystick and tilt it in the direction of travel.  The intelligent display is clear and like the joystick responds to the lightest touch.   It features a horn, speed limiter, headlight control, standby option and battery level.  The chair also includes a USB port for smart phones, tablets and aids.

Close up of the joystick controller and intelligent control panel display for the Dashi Lite powerchair from Dash Rehab. It is black and features a horn, speed limiter, headlight control, standby option and battery level. Each button is raised and features a red or yellow symbol with yellow outline.


Seat width 420mm
Seat depth430mm
Back height410mm
Total height900mm
Total width580mm
Total length980mm
Front wheel6”
Rear wheel12"
Technical Data
Battery capacity24V×12Ah
SpeedUp to 6 km/h (4mph)
Travel distanceUp to 11 km (12 miles)
Detachable storage bagNot Included
Weight Information
Chair weight21kg (excluding battery)
Maximum user weight100kg

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